Need Magento development? Yes, we can!

A bit of history…

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. The software was originally developed by Varien, Inc, a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California, with assistance from volunteers. Varien published the first general availability release of the software on March 31, 2008.


Magento development process

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Project Screening

The first step is to recognize the exact requirements of the clients carefully. We understand the need of conversation that an online store development requires. Our executive team or our project supervisor will cautiously identify and converse about your requirements before the beginning of the project. When we sense that thoughts matched, we will pull in for the essential project details to start on the execution of the project. At this moment, we will recommend an appropriate business representation and decide upon the costs and the time-frame.

Research and Development

In the research phase, we focus on the functional specifications and the structural design of the Magento project. For the development, we will utilize tools provided by the customers such as designing plan, database, images etc. This phase engages the study of the technical details compulsory for the project development and homework of technical schemes. Development phase involves developing a sample of the Magento solution, which we pass on to the customer for a response. The customer then provides the appropriate feedback, which we include in our development procedure. The development procedure isn’t a solitary process, but many procedures run jointly. At the finish line of the development stage, we put together the modules and upload as a demonstration for the client’s evaluation. Meanwhile, we communicate regularly with the client to update on each facet of the development.

Testing and Evaluation

When we are done with the development, our technical experts examine and evaluate the solution on diverse aspects. Throughout this testing phase, we use numerous refined quality assurance methods to identify any limitations and bugs and generate authentic and reliable eCommerce results suiting exact website dynamics. We follow well-laid standards and techniques to evaluate the final website product from a complete eCommerce perspective for effective product display, payment processing, CMS performance and many more facets that Magento solution is known for. We document each procedure in the testing phase in order to provide you a robust and unfailing application that can match exactly with your requirements.

Why us?

Magento development is a real thing. Happy Hackers will take care of every step of building the site.

We’re all geared up to take SMEs to greater heights with impeccably designed sites, tailor website development to an owner’s preferences and build user-friendly, attractive and brand-exposing page layouts.

    • Experienced Magento Developer:  we build the website with higher quality and less time.
    • More than 8 years UI/UX designer: we provide visual documents of the site before development.
    • Detailed requirements analysis: we go through the needs with full investigations.
    • Clear development process: we have the rules and standard for every step during development
    • Flexible pricing options: we always thinking in the client-side.
  • Fastest response time: we will not let you wait for no reasons.

Whether you’re looking to acquire your new website or want to upgrade an old one, we are here for you. Head over to request your website development quote today. See you!