Beginning from 15th August, director of Happy Hackers – Yifei Wang started to teach Happy Hackers’ employees boxing. Happy Hackers was founded by Yifei Wang in 2017 and now over 15 employees work in different areas, for examples, software development, UI design, marketing.

Apart from specializing in IT, Yifei also has a genuine interest in boxing. He has been learning boxing since 2015, and he got certified as a professional boxing coach since the middle of 2018.

Being as a start-up, sometimes employees can be quiet stressful when dealing with multiple tasks, for which they need some tools to release the tension. Boxing is considered one of the best ways to relax and build up a healthy body. Free boxing class is offered by Happy Hackers to its employees after work is the best practice to build up team spirit and distress themselves.

More than half of employees participated in the last session and they got paired up to practice the move. During this one-hour-class, they learned how to wrap the bandage around their fingers and the proper positions and the basic move. Everyone felt relaxed after the class.

“It was a great idea to teach us boxing and I am looking forward to the next class! It helped me to strengthen the body also made me feel the company value us” one employee states.

The boxing class will continue and it will shape the Happy Hackers’ company’s core value of emphasizing its talents.