Happy Hackers was invited by Auwe Group this year and were fortunate to participate in the 2018 Auwe Recruitment Expo. The Auwe Group is Melbourne’s Top1 WeChat public account, Australia’s Top3, with more than 200,000 fans. It has a great influence on the Chinese social circle.

Every interviewer at Happy Hackers doesn’t want to miss any candidate with a dream and strength, so the candidate waits for a long time at the job fair. Even so, the candidates are still in a constant stream, which makes the Happy Hackers staff feel the enthusiasm of everyone.

Every candidate has come up with his best posture, and he is not afraid of the questions asked by the interviewer. He writes and paints in a few minutes, confidently explains his ideas, and gives the interviewers of Happy Hackers. I was deeply impressed. There are also many candidates who bring their own rich work and marvel at the interviewer.

In the short day of the job fair, Happy Hackers received dozens of resumes. I am very grateful to the invitation of the Auwe, let us see a lot of interesting candidates, hope that through this job fair, we can also inject new strength into Happy Hackers and work together to become the first IT company in Australia!