On July 29th, Happy Hackers was honored to be invited to participate in the famous programming competition in Melbourne, Unihack. Happy Hackers formed a team of six internal core employees to participate in the competition. Under Unihack’s rules, the Happy Hackers team members did not sleep, and within 24 hours, they made a VR-side web-side work called Step by step.

The original intention of this program is to help the rehabilitation population, combined with the subsequent expansion, not only can serve people who need professional rehabilitation treatment, but also provide a new experience for lovers who need healthy entertainment. In the end, Happy Hackers won two awards, stood out from nearly 50 teams, won the third place, and got Bosch best IOT/Hardware Hack

Figure 1: Registration on July 28

Figure 2: 3: Theme Selection -> Task Schedule -> 24 hours development test

Figure 5: The first round of screening, enter Top8

After half an hour of short preparation, Happy Hackers presented the project in front of judges in various industries, such as Telstra, Thoughtworks, Inspire9, hackthon, Omny Studio, Cognizant, IBM, etc., and was well received, eventually winning the third place. Good grades and got the cash prize of Bosch best IOT/Hardware Hack.